78 points grading difference? No problem!

On Tuesday evening, Bury St Edmunds ‘E’ team of four juniors (average age 11) took on the Ipswich B team in the first round proper of the Suffolk Cup.   With huge grading differences (89, 78, 100, 76) the result was never in doubt.   But the surprise was that the final score was not 4 – 0 (it was 3½ – ½).

Playing with Black on Board 2, the youngest member of the Bury team, 9-year old Adam John (pictured right), faced the experienced Martin Fogg.   The game, which is featured below, demonstrates Adam’s exceptional maturity.   After 39 moves he is clearly winning, but the game ended in a draw with both players very short of time.   It says a lot that Adam can play a three-hour game, at an away venue, and still maintain sufficient concentration.   Formerly coached by Anita Somton’s father, he (and older brother Alan) now receive regular coaching from Ed Player.

Enjoy the game:

Both players were in time trouble and Adam is unsure of the remaining moves.   If Martin knows, then please let me know!   The game ended in a draw with Martin having Q + N v Q, a notoriously difficult ending to win, especially when time is short.

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