How to beat an IM / WGM

GM Matthew Sadler (279) was not only the top seed at the recent Bury St Edmunds Congress, he is also the highest-graded player in the ECF.   Considered to be the strongest non-professional chess player in the World, his attendance at this event for the past two years has helped to maintain its status as one of the leading weekend congresses in the UK.

On 3½ points after the first four rounds, he faced Suffolk’s IM/WGM Dagne Ciuksyte (216) with the White pieces in the final round, needing a win to secure at least a share of first prize.   Dagne was also on 3½ points, having won her three previous games, with a half-point bye on Saturday evening.

The game lasted only 25 moves, and is a model of straightforward development by Sadler, as well as taking advantage of one rather weak move by his opponent.

Here’s the game:

So Matthew Sadler finished the tournament on 4½ points, alongside Suffolk’s Alan Merry, whom he didn’t have to play.

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