Under 160 game

Andrew Shephard (155), who played on Board 2 for the Suffolk Under 160 team on 6 December, has annotated his quick win against Norfolk’s Terry Tripp (155).

1.   e4   c5
2.   Nc3   Nc6
3.   f4   g6
4.   Nf3   Bg7
5.   Bb5  e6?!

This is dubious.   Correct is 5. …Nd4.
6.   Bxc6   bxc6
7.   e5!

Black is left with holes on the dark squares whilst White plans the obvious Ne4-d6.   Black solves this problem but creates another one in the process.
7.    …d5
8.   exd6   Qxd6

Now Black is left with isolated, doubled c-pawns.   White’s plan is simple – to gang up on the c5 pawn.
9.   d3   Nf6
10.   O-O   O-O
11.   Qe2   Nd5
12.   Ne4   Qe7
(see diagram)
12. …Nxf4?? fails to 13. Qe3!

13.   c4!
A multi-purpose move.   Firstly, it kicks the knight from d5 allowing my bishop to come to e3.   Secondly, it fixes the black c-pawns – he is prevented from freeing his position with the thematic pawn sacrifice …c4; perhaps he should have tried this earlier when he had the chance.   Finally, it allows my queen to guard the b2-pawn.
13.    …Nb4
14.   Be3   Na6
15.   Qf2

The pawn on c5 is lost.
15.    …Rd8
16.   Nxc5   Bxb2??

A blunder, but Black was already a pawn down in a difficult position.
17.   Qxb2   Nxc5
18.   Qb4!

Winning a piece.
1 – 0.

More games wanted please!

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