Bury win the Suffolk Final

Last evening. Bury St Edmunds Chess Club beat Ipswich Chess Club by four points to two in the Suffolk Final of the Norfolk & Suffolk Cup.   The team is pictured below:

(Left to right: Chris Davison (1), John Peters (1), Mike Harris (1), Ed Player (1), Mark Le-Vine (0), Alan Watkins (0))

After 2½ hours play the match was level at 2 – 2, with just the two top boards remaining.   On Board 2 Ed Player was a couple of pawns down to Ian Wallis and was hanging on for dear life.   Earlier he had performed one of his many time-trouble miracles, making moves 25 to 30 inside the last 16 seconds of the first time control.   Move 30 was completed with one second remaining.   Meanwhile, on top board, Mike Harris sacrificed his knight on f7 to open up Shaun Munson‘s black king.   Shaun’s major pieces were over on the queenside and struggled to get back to defend.   After an almost forced sequence of moves, Mike eventually prevailed.   This gave Bury the match win, since the tie-break rules would mean that the bottom board, won by Silas Peck of Ipswich, would be discounted in the event of a 3 – 3 draw.

Almost at the same moment, Ian Wallis blundered in a completely winning position, allowing Ed a snap mate.

Here is Bury’s Board 4 John Peters‘ 23-move win, with Black, against Ipswich Club Champion Mike Cook:

This was the position after White’s 21st move (Qg2-f2).   See if you can work out what John played.


It will not have escaped your notice that this website has enjoyed a week’s holiday whilst the author has been a) busy re-tiling his bathroom, and b) cataloguing thousands of books from Peter Keffler‘s vast stock.   Over 400 new titles have been added on Amazon, which can be viewed (and purchased) here.

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