Coaching at the Bury Knights

Although the Bury Knights Junior Chess Club doesn’t normally meet during the Summer Term, a number of special coaching sessions have been arranged so as to keep the members involved before the club starts up again in September.

Yesterday, the first coaching evening was held with 21 members attending.   The top group benefited from the experience and knowledge of 19-year old IM Justin Tan (pictured right), who was staying with Ed Player prior to travelling to the 4NCL.   Other coaches included Laurie Pott and Adam Leigh.

The Bury Knights’ top four members are Alan John (117), Adam John (116), Jaden Jermy (94) and Tom Roy (87).   These players are under-graded and should all see an improvement when the new grades are published in July.

The next coaching evening will be on 10 June.

One thought on “Coaching at the Bury Knights
  1. Great idea to have junior coaching at the club. We do here in most clubs here in Melbourne and it works! Kai

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