EACU Team Championships

This is Monday’s blog….

Eleven teams from clubs around East Anglia participated in the annual EACU Team Championships, held yesterday at the Turner Hall, Newmarket, and organised by Patrick Ribbands.

Teams were entered from Norwich Dons, Broadland, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Linton, Royston and New England (Peterborough) in three sections: Open, 600 and 500.

The Open section (five teams) was won by Broadland on 5 points, followed by Linton on 4½.

The 600 section (three teams) was won by Royston on 5½ points, with Cambridge runners-up on 4.

The 500 section (three teams) was won by Bury St Edmunds on 5½ points, with Broadland second on 3½.

It was disappointing that so few teams had entered, and especially so that only one Suffolk club was represented.   For the winning Bury St Edmunds team, Colin Roberts won both games, with Chas Szentmihaly and 11-year old Jaden Jermy each scoring 1½.

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