Two sparkling finishes

Bury St Edmunds’ Chas Szentmihaly (pictured left), who is well into his 80s, is still capable of some fine chess.   Playing in a recent Suffolk League Under 125 Cup match against Saxmundham’s Andrew Paige, the position below was reached with Chas (Black, to move).   A pawn ahead, with major pieces threatening, Chas is already winning.   He now produces an attractive finish:

The game continued:   42…Rg2+,   43. Qxg2   Bxg2,   44. Kxg2   Rg7+,   45. Kh2   Qg3+,   46. Kh1   Qxh3+,   47. Rh2   Qxf1#

A couple of weeks earlier, playing in the Bury Area League, Chas (White, to play) reached the following position against Cambridge City’s John Cooper:

Already a piece down, but with a promising attack, Chas unleashed 29.   Bxg6+!!   The game continued 29… Kxg6 (not the best move, but all three replies are losing)   30.   Qe4+   Kf7,   31. Qh7+   Kf8,   32. Qe7#

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