Megafinal results

The Suffolk Megafinal took place at Woodbridge School on Sunday.   This is the second stage of the Delancey Schools UK Chess Challenge, in which over 60,000 children participate each year.

Qualifiers from local rounds, at schools or clubs, compete in the Megafinal for a place in the Gigafinal, the penultimate stage of the competition.   Two Gigafinals are held and Suffolk is deemed to be a ‘northern’ county, so qualifiers need to travel to Manchester in July.

Players from Woodbridge School and the Bury Knights (BKJCC) just about swept the board.   Top boy in each age-group is awarded the title ‘Supremo’, whilst the top girl becomes a ‘Suprema’:

Under 7   –   Rowan Kent (Woodbridge and BKJCC) – Supremo on 6/6; Edison Lorejo (BKJCC) 5/6; Tania Roy (BKJCC) 4/6.
Under 8   –   Tia Martin (BKJCC) – Suprema on 5½/6; Amy John (BKJCC) 5; Harry Young (BKJCC) – Supremo on 4/6.
Under 9   –   Marina Pommier (Woodbridge) – Suprema on 6/6; Toby Martin (BKJCC) – Supremo on 5/6.
Under 10   –   Adam John (BKJCC) – Supremo on 6/6.
Under 11   –   Jaden Jermy (BKJCC) – Supremo on 4½/6; Tom Roy (BKJCC) 4/6.
Under 13   –   Alan John (BKJCC) – Supremo on 5½/6; Mario Saenz de Villaverde (BKJCC) 5/6; Ralph Martin (BKJCC) 4/6.

Good luck to all the above qualifiers!

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