World Amateur Championships, Kos

Bury St Edmunds’ Mark Le-Vine (right) is one of just eight English players competing in the World Amateur Championships, in Kos, Greece.   This nine-round tournament is divided into seven rated sections; Mark is playing in Group C, for players rated between 1800 and 2000 Elo.   Mark doesn’t have an official Elo rating, so he is top seed at e2000.

Today is a rest day, but after six rounds Mark shares the lead on 5/6.   He has already played the other two opponents on five points, beating one and drawing with the other.   The remaining three rounds will be played Saturday, Sunday and Monday.   Mark is the only English player in his section (56 players).

To see Mark’s results click here.

This is Mark’s sixth round win, a crazy Budapest Gambit, well worth playing through:

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