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With just three days to go, entries for the 34th Bury St Edmunds Chess Congress have reached 140.   Another ten entries are required to ensure that the quoted prize fund will be paid in full.

If you are still thinking about entering, there’s still time.   No late entry fee applies, unless you enter on the day, when it’s an extra £5.00.

Go to entry form to enter online.

The list of entrants includes:

*   8 titled players
*   10 graded over 200
*   4 graded over 230

This tournament will be the strongest ever held in Suffolk, and the strongest in East Anglia since the British Championships took place in Great Yarmouth in 2007.

One thought on “Bury Congress latest
  1. Not yet the strongest! A number of very strong Suffolk Chess Championships were held in Ipswich in the 1990's and in 1991 for example the competitors included two Grandmasters, Mihai Suba and Glenn Flear, five IM's, Mark Hebden, Colin McNab, John Emms, Chris Ward, Peter Wells (all now GM's), two FM's and a total of 12 graded over 200. Future GM Nicholas Pert and future IM Richard Pert played in the Major section. There were 198 players that year but in 1992 we had 262 players!

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