County First Team in action

First Team Captain John Peters reports:

Suffolk made a strong start to the season last Sunday with a win and a draw.   At one point in the morning session we were up 8 – 5 against a strong Norfolk side, a fixture that I would like to be called ‘Farmergeddon’ in the future.   But they closed out the final three games to snatch an 8 – 8 draw.

In the afternoon we managed to beat Bedfordshire 9 – 7 in a closely fought match, mostly owing to a strong performance among the lower boards.

Suffolk’s most recent IM, Alan Merry, anchored the side from Board 1 with wins against Mike Harris and Evgeny Tukpetov.   Another performance of note was Silas Peck‘s two wins, the latter of which came when he moved up to Board 7 from Board 9 and smoothly pressed his opening advantage into a fine attack and converted into a winning endgame.

Weighing in with 1½/2 were Graham Moore, Ted Mattewson, Mike Cook and Leon Burnett.

Thanks to everyone for turning out and getting us off to such a good start.   As a reminder, the remaining two match dates are Sunday January 8th and Sunday February 19th.

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