A new Chess Club in Woodbridge

Starting next Monday, 6 February, a new adult Chess Club will be starting up in Woodbridge!   The brainchild of Blake Gifford, its first meeting will be held at Woodbridge Methodist Church Hall, St John’s Street, Woodbridge, IP12 1ED, from 19.30 to 21.30.

There’s even a website for the new club.   Blake can be contacted by email here.

Blake is a teacher at Whitehouse Primary School in Ipswich, where he set up a chess club a year ago.   If any local chess player would like to offer any support at the school, however occasional, Blake would be delighted.

Blake says, “I am a chess player from childhood but never to a very impressive standard and have played a lot on line for the past year or so.   I wanted to play more in real life and found that there wasn’t a club in Woodbridge.   So I thought I would start one.   I’m sure there will be some keen players in town.   I have access to 12 or so sets and clocks which initially will be borrowed from school.   I am hoping I will be able to eventually raise money to get equipment for the club.   I have some interest for the opening night, but would guess numbers will start at around 10 people.”

Hopefully there will be a report and photos from the new club’s opening night.

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