Gibraltar Masters results

The ten-round Gibraltar Masters ended today, with three GMs tied on 8 points: Hikaru Nakamura (USA), Anton Guijarro (Spain) and Yangii You (China).   They will now face tie-breaks to determine the prize money.   In 4th place, together with five other GMs, was England’s Michael Adams.   He drew his final round game, but if he had won, he would have shared first place.

The two other English GMs, Nigel Short and David Howell, both did well, scoring seven points to finish 10th=.

View the games and final standing here.

It’s worth having a look at Women’s World Champion Yifan Hou‘s final round game.   With the White pieces, she played the most incomprehensible opening moves, was almost ‘foolsmated’ and resigned after Black’s fifth move!   It appears from the interview that followed, that she played like this in order to demonstrate dissatisfaction with her pairings across the whole event.   With some justification perhaps, as she faced seven female opponents, whilst Nakamura played none!

The tie-breaks rules can be viewed here.


The Tie-break was won by Hikaru Nakamura (third year in a row!).

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