Ian’s game in the 4NCL

Ian Wallis, playing White in the 4NCL Division Three last Sunday, had the following position:

Ian says: “I had focused all my analysis on a piece sac on b5, convinced that this would be winning.   I concluded that the knight was better than the bishop and after 20. Nb5! my opponent duly resigned because of the line… 20. axb5,   21. Bxb5+   Nc6   (if 21. … Bd7 [or even Nd7] then 22. Nc7+   Qxc7; 23. Qxc7   Bxb5; 24 Qc8#)   22. Qxh8 with material advantage and the better position.”

However, Ian missed a more aesthetic way of winning.   Can you spot the sequence of moves?   (the answer will be provided on Friday)

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