Opposite castling game

On Tuesday, Bury’s Mark Le-Vine faced Alex Sheerin (Ipswich) with the Black pieces in a Division 1 match.   A lop-sided game ensued, with both players attacking kings that had castled on opposite sides.   It was Mark who eventually prevailed.

This was the position after 24. b6:

The game continued:   24… hxg2+   25. Kxg2   axb6   26. axb6   gxh2+   27. Kh1   (27. Kxf2 would have held on a little longer)   Qg1+!   28. Nxg1   hxg1Q#

As Mark points out, his 25… axb6 was unnecessary.   But it was a pleasing finish nevertheless.

You can play through the full game here:

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