4NCL Divisions 3 and 4

A total of 11 Suffolk players travelled to Wokefield Park, near Reading, this weekend for Rounds 7 and 8 of this season’s 4NCL.   Both Anglian Avengers and Iceni fielded two teams.

Anglian Avengers 3 (Division 4) fared best, winning both their matches (4½-1½ and 3½-2½).   Anglian Avengers 2, who are playing in the ‘Championship pool’ in Division 3, drew one and lost one by the narrowest of margins.   They now stand fourth (out of eight) in their pool, three points behind the leaders.

Iceni 1 are suffering this season, with only one drawn match so far.   Playing in the ‘Demotion pool’ in Division 3, they lost both their matches this weekend (2½-3½ and 1 – 5).   They now need a minor miracle in the final weekend at the end of April, when they will be playing three of the teams immediately above them.   Iceni 2 (Division 4) enjoyed a mixed weekend.   On Saturday they played in a triangular match, losing one 0 – 3 and winning the other 2½-½.   Today they convincingly won 4½-1½, with no players losing.

Individual scores (out of two unless stated otherwise):

John Peters   –   0
Nick Savage   –   ½
John Feavyour   –   0   (1 game played)
Graham Moore   –   ½
Silas Peck   –   1
Steve Gregory   –   1
Tim Lunn   –   2
Alex Sheerin   –   1
Keith Woodcock   –   ½
Bob Jones   –   2
Mike Usher   –   ½

Alex Sheerin was a little fortunate on Saturday when his opponent played Be3?? in the position below, hoping Alex would take the proffered piece.   Instead he achieved a draw by repeated checking on h4 and e1.   If his opponent had played 39. Nh6+   Kh8   40. Ng4!   Be5+   41. Kh3, mate is inevitable within a few moves.

The final (three-day) weekend of the season is 29 April to 1 May.

2 thoughts on “4NCL Divisions 3 and 4
  1. I don't think Nh6+ and Ng4 is obvious without a computer and I don't see a mate after Bf1 instead of Be5?? Although there probably is a couldn't find it in 2/3 mins

    Good result Alex!

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