International Day of Happiness (or Merry-ness)

To celebrate the International Day of Happiness, here is a position from a recent tournament, featuring our own IM Alan Merry.

Last weekend (10-12 March), Alan travelled to Blackpool for their annual congress.   This year’s entry totalled 350, with a sizeable number playing in the Lancashire Open.

Alan scored 4/5 to finish equal third (and winning £100).   In his last round game, against Philip Crocker (190 ECF), Alan (Black) had sacrificed a knight to reach the position below.

Without scrolling down the page to see the answer, see if you can work out how Alan forced checkmate.

(Photo copyright © 2013 John Upham Photography)

Also playing in the same tournament, former Suffolk junior Anita Somton finished second in the Major (u180) section, scoring 4½/5.   She won a total of £330, which included the best junior prize.

Black played 1… g4+!   2. Bxg4   Rh2+!   3. Kxh2   Qxh4+   4. Kg2   Qxg3+ and 5. Qh2 mate.

3 thoughts on “International Day of Happiness (or Merry-ness)
  1. Nice finish, and an excellent result for Anita, she must have improved tremendously over the last couple of years.

  2. I was there when they visit the Shriner Children's Hospital in Sacramento and passed out dozens of the "I an Happy" pins for the children.

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