A position from the Bury Area League

The position below was reached on Thursday in a match between Richard Donaghay (Ely) and Colin Roberts (Bury St Edmunds).   Colin (Black) has just played 16… hxg3 and White replied 17. f2-f3.

Colin now missed the best continuation and went on to lose the game.   Can you see it (answer below).

Answer:   17…Qb6+   18. c5   Bxc5   19. Kf1 (only move).   Colin now suggests 19… Bf2, although with best play (20 Nc4!), White can probably survive.   Perhaps the best move (after 19. Kf1) is … Bd6, renewing the threat on f2 and preventing White’s threat of Bf4+.

But it’s a complicated position and further analysis may reveal a better solution.   Can you help?

2 thoughts on “A position from the Bury Area League
  1. Your line with 19. … Bd6 is best and should give black a significant advantage providing he follows 20. Re2 Qd4, 21. Qd1 with Bf4! and not 21. … Qxa1 22. Nb3 Qe5 23. f4 winning the bishop and letting white back in the game.

    Incidentally 18. … Nxc5 looks good against 19. Nc4 Nxa4, 20 Nxb6 Nxb6 when black has regained his piece and is 2 p's up but 19 Qa5 stops the fun.

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