Drawing in St Albans

12-year old Jaden Jermy (ECF 123) played this weekend in the Major section (u161) of the St Albans Chess Congress.   He was seeded 43rd out of 44 competitors, with only one lower-graded junior below him.

Jaden drew all five games, for a grading performance of 152.   His lowest-graded opponent was 143.   At the current rate of progress, his July 2017 grade should be as high as 150.

Results from the other Suffolk competitors (Graham Moore and Andrew Donnelly) will be published here when known.

2 thoughts on “Drawing in St Albans
  1. Note to Jaden: Congratulations (probably) on your result BUT (& I don't know what your games were like) DON'T MAKE the same mistake I did as a junior (& young adult) – I drew far too many games where I was better (& knew it) for fear of losing*. If this doesn't apply to your games, then ignore my comment BUT if it does apply, then next time 'go for it' & have no regrets (Don't wait, like I did, until you're 40!!).

    *I always needed 3 wins to 'compensate' for one loss, but 2 should normally be good enough.

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