Anglian Avengers gunning for promotion

Anglian Avengers could only manage a 4-4 draw against bottom-of-the-league Bradford Knights at the last 4NCL weekend. However, despite this set back, the Avengers team has managed to guarantee a place in the Championship pool of Division 2 for the latter part of the season.

Local players Andy Lewis (FM)Silas Peck and Alex Sheerin contributed towards the successful weekend. Also, new recruit Martin Walker (FM) has kindly and honestly annotated one of his two victories (see below), which contains some co-commentary from Andy and a very interesting rook endgame.

Avengers Captain, Paul Talsma, had the following to say after the successful first three weekends of play.

“This was somewhat disappointing, but it was offset big time by a splendid 5-3 win against Manchester on Sunday who had a strong squad out and reminded us that we lost to them the previous time we played them: so we might want to avenge / revenge this!

This is exactly what we did!

Martin and me were the last men standing and we both managed to win. Martin opens his score for the Avengers with a solid 2/2. He seems to be our rook ending expert because both of his wins were interesting rook endings. Well done Martin and lots of thanks!

Because of our win on Sunday we are now 100% certain we made it to the promotion pool.

We can go on now gunning for promotion.”

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