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Avengers 1 Narrowly Defeated By Oxford

Avengers 1 were close to victory against Oxford, but fell short after a remarkable turnaround.

Oxford 1 2226 Anglian Avengers 1 2222
181 w Zakarian, David f 2306 1 – 0 Kanellopoulos, Panayotis 2265
182 b Savage, Ben D M f 2273 ½ – ½ Walker, Martin G f 2275 e
183 w Cont, Arya 2147 e 1 – 0 Player, Edmund C 2172
184 b Smallbone, Kieran D 2179 0 – 1 Talsma, Paul 2177 e
2½ – 1½

Paul got us off to the best possible start with an emphatic 27 move victory against Kieran Smallbone’s Slav Defense.  This takes Paul to a massive 6/6 score in this competition!

Martin laboured to prove an advantage against FM Ben Savage’s unexpected Centre Counter.  Ben defended resourcefully and a dead drawn position was reached on move 52.

Panagiotis looked under pressure against FM David Zakarian’s Four Pawns Attack, but seemed to have completely neutralized his opponent’s advantage with a neat simplifying combination on move 23.  Nonetheless, Zakarian continued to press in a R+N v R+B endgame, and was rewarded when Panagiotis went wrong in time pressure.

After a complex central struggle, Ed looked close to victory when he seized Arya Cont’s c-pawn on move 34.  However, Ed, heavily behind on the clock for most of the game, never stabilized his advantage, and eventually succumbed to a King-side attack.

This result leaves the Avengers 1st team in 3rd place in Division 1 / Group B, 2 points behind Wood Green Monarchs.  We will need an exceptional performance (probably 2.5/3) over the final 3 rounds to qualify for the Championship play-offs.

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