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Avengers 2 Narrowly Defeated by MK Phoenix

In a tightly contested R7 encounter, the Avengers 2nd team were defeated by MK Phoenix 1 by the slenderest possible margin.

  Anglian Avengers 2 1999   MK Phoenix 1 2045
211 w White, Russell P 2117 c 1 – 0 Gardner, James 2132 e
212 b Bui, Kyan 2057 e ½ – ½ Brown, Alan M 2008
213 w Hampton, Christopher 1982 e 0 – 1 Cox, Toby 2020 e
214 b Marshall, Michael 1840 e 0 – 1 Hunt, Peter 2020 c
  1½ – 2½  

Michael obtained an easy opening equality against Peter Hunt in a symmetrical English, but allowed unfavourable exchanges, finally succumbing in a pawn-endgame on move 38.

Chris, in his debut match for Anglia Avengers, obtained a favourable opening against Toby Cox’s Dutch Defense, won the exchange, but eventually went wrong in a double-edged endgame.

Alan Brown was never looking for more than the half-point against Kyan’s QGD Tartakower Defence, and duly obtained it on move 31.

Russell sacrificed, or rather blundered, a piece from the opening, but obtained a couple of pawn and a few threats by way of compensation. James Gardner defended reasonably, but never quickly enough; and in severe time-trouble, allowed Russell a nice winning tactic.

This result drops us into the bottom half of the table (Division 2 / Group A), and means that the 2nd team will require an heroic 3/3 from the final rounds to have any chance of qualifying for the championship phase.

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