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Avengers 2nd Team Held to Draw by St Albans

In a topsy-turvy 4th round thriller, St Albans just held on to a draw against the Avengers 2nd Team.

  Anglian Avengers 2 1905   St Albans 1 2029
211 w White, Russell P 2117 c ½ – ½ Fraser-Mitchell, Jeremy N 2058
212 b Bui, Kyan 2057 e 1 – 0 Gooding, Ian 2080 e
213 w Marshall, Michael 1840 e ½ – ½ Ellis, Aidan B 1967 c
214 b Paez, Alonso 1607 c 0 – 1 Collopy, Robert 2012 c
  2 – 2  

The evening was off to an unpropitious start when Alonso castled into a trap set by his (considerably) higher rated opponent, losing his queen after 14 moves.  Michael tamed any bellicose intentions of his opponent, and a peace treaty was signed after 13 moves.  Kyan looked under great pressure, with an exposed king in a complex middle-game.  Yet it was his opponent who cracked under-pressure: detonating his position with a series of ill-judged pawn captures, in an otherwise fully tenable opposite-bishop endgame.
The scene was set for a notable turnaround when Russell, out-playing the St Albans captain, went a full exchange up after a neat combination.  Yet his opponent, under great pressure both on the board and on the clock, somehow clung on.  Russell reluctantly conceded the draw on move 76.

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