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4NCL Online – Avengers Crash to Triple Defeat

Another hat-trick in R5 for Anglia Avengers. But this time of defeats!


Our 1st team lost 1-3 to ChessPlus Kingston. This takes us down to 4th place in Division 1 / Group C.

Our 2nd team lost 1-3 to Downend. This takes us down to =5th-7th in Division 2/ Group B.

Our 3rd team lost 1-2.5 [*] to Wells Globetrotters. This takes us to the midway point in the Division 6 table.


Full results, games & tables are available on the 4NCL Homepage


Normal service will be resumed in the next round (R6) on Tues 3rd Nov @ 7:30pm.

Do no adjust your set!


[* – Unfortunately, in this match we defaulted on B4. Under the 4NCL Online’s rules, half a game point is deducted in the event of a default – leading to the unusual, and counter-intuitive. score-line of 1-2.5. .]

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