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President’s Letter to Chess Players in Suffolk (July 2021)

Hello friends,

On June 1st 2021, I moved from the position of Vice-President of the SCCA into the position of President.

I would like to thank the outgoing President, Leon Burnett, for his contributions to the committee during his time in post.

I would also like to extend my thanks to Dave Wild who stepped down from the committee at the same time after many years of service to Suffolk chess.

To briefly introduce myself in case you don’t know me – I have been playing chess in Suffolk for over 30 years. Originally one of Bob Jones’s disciples at the long defunct Stowmarket Junior Chess club, I have since primarily played for Stowmarket Chess club with stops along the way at university (can you believe that Bath University had no chess club?), Bury St Edmunds, and the Iceni teams in the 4NCL.

If memory serves, I have played County chess for the U9s, U11s, U100s, U125s, U145s, U160s, and recently the County first team.

On the board I enjoy fighting chess, push pawns with reckless abandon, have a blatant disregard for king safety and castling, and would rather play in an interesting and exciting loss than a dull draw.

As President, my priority will be to ensure that the committee focuses on the objective of the SCCA – to organise, encourage and promote adult and junior chess throughout Suffolk.

Our first challenge will be the return to post-Covid over-the-board chess.

Please join me and the committee at our online EGM on Tuesday 17th August where, amongst other things, the return to in-person chess will be discussed.

For details on the EGM, please contact your club secretary.


Stephen Lewis
SCCA President

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