4NCL Resumption – November 2021

After an interlude of 21 months, the 4NCL OTB League is due to resume in November 2021.

Anglian Avengers are re-entering this competition.  All past and present squad members are invited to participate.  New squad members are also welcome.


The 4NCL League is played over 5 weekends (spaced out between November and May).

The first weekend of the 2021/22 season is 27th – 28th November at Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes.  (For other dates and venues see: 4NCL Schedule 2021-22.)


As per previous 4NCL seasons, each weekend consists of two matches (or three, in the final weekend).  Matches are over 8 boards, as previously.

Games are FIDE rated and played at the time-limit of 100mm/40moves + 50mm + 30spm.

League Restructuring

In the 2021-22 season, the former 1st and 2nd Divisions (from the abandoned 2019-20 season) will merge and form a 32 team super league using Swiss pairing rules.   The outcome of the 2021-22 super league will determine the constituents of the 1st & 2nd Divisions in 2022-23.

Anglian Avengers has the opportunity to participate in the 2021-22 super league, and the chance to claim our place in the reformed 1st & 2nd Divisions in 2022-23.

For further details see: 4NCL Restructuring


Accommodation at the venue has been reserved for all 5 weekends.  The rooms are suitable for single or double occupancy.  The rate per night is £69  (single) or £79 (double).

Squad members have the flexibility to stay on both the Friday and/or Saturday nights (or Fri, Sat & Monday for the final weekend), and to share, if they wish.

Why Play in the 4NCL?

  • 2021-22 super league will give Anglian Avengers the opportunity to play some of the strongest teams in the competition
  • FIDE rated games played under international standard conditions.
  • Decent, reasonably priced accommodate, at the venue

Next Steps

If you are interested in forming part of the Anglian Avengers squad to participate in this league, could you please let me know:

  1. How many rounds / weekends you would expect (or like) to play in the 2021-22 season;
  2. Any specific weekends, that you would like to play or cannot play (see: 4NCL Schedule 2021-22)

Note: squad members are not obliged to (and most don’t) play in all weekends and all rounds.  If you are interested in taking part, but only feel able to commit to (eg) only one weekend, this still renders you an asset for the squad.

Please feel free to caveat an expression of interest with any COVID-19 force majeure riders that you deem fit.


Andy Lewis

(Anglian Avengers Captain 2021-22)

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