Avengers Continue Unbeaten Run

Division 1:  Hull & East Riding Romans 1 v Anglian Avengers 1

The 1st team were close to defeat against Hull & East Riding Romans.  Draws with Black from murky positions by Panagiotis Kanellopoulos and Andy Lewis appeared to tilt the match in our favour.  However, with David Maycock in deep trouble on B2, a miraculous turnaround was required from Silas to save the day.  (See: Silas Peck v Keith Thompson).  The match was drawn 2-2: an impressive performance by our underrated opponents.

Division 2: Anglian Avengers 2 v MK Phoenix 1

In the 2nd team, Ganesh Mullaparthi and Chris Hampton won their games fairly quickly.  However, it was left to Jeff hold an 82 move Knight endgame a pawn down to give us a 2.5-1.5 victory over MK Phoenix.  (See: Jeff Goldberg v Charles Tippleston)

Division 5: Manaccan Maulers v Anglian Avengers 3

The 3rd team crushed the Manaccan Maulers 4-0.  Paul Kenning, Bob Stephens and Rowan Kent (playing his debut match in this event) rapidly overwhelmed their opponents.  The only Mauler undefeated was their B2, who did not put in an appearance!  Hugh Brown v Paul Kenning is a nice thematic game, demonstrating why it is not often a good idea to give up a defensive fianchettoed Bishop.

For full results and tables see: 4NCL Online Results – Season 4

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