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Anglian Avengers 4NCL 2nd Team: 2022-23 Season

Proposal: Anglian Avengers intend to field a 2nd team in the 4NCL, commencing in the 2022-23 season.

The 2nd team will play alongside the existing 1st team, which will (hopefully) retain its 2nd Division place.  The 1st & 2nd teams will form a combined squad.

Division: The 2nd team will play in either the 4th Division South or the 4th Division  Central (TBA).

Venue & Location: The 3rd & 4th Divisions South typically plays at Milton Keynes or Maidenhead.  The 3rd & 4th Divisions Central typically plays at Leamington Spa.  These events will take place at a separate venue/weekend to 1st & 2nd Divisions – to avoid capacity issues at the hosting venues.

Schedule: 11 rounds per season spread over 5 weekends, 1 round per day.

Time-limit: 100mm/40 moves + 50mm +30spm

Conditions: International standard & FIDE rated

Suitability: The 2nd team is intended for anyone who would enjoy and benefit from playing in an event conducted to FIDE (international) standards – especially those who may not meet the increasingly stringent criteria for inclusion within the 1st team.  There is no minimum rating requirement.  However, players above 2200 (ECF/FIDE) will normally be directed at the 1st team.

Juniors: are particularly encouraged to participate in the 2nd team.  In the 2021-22 season, Anglian Avengers fielded one junior per round.  In the 2022-23 season, we propose to field typically 4 juniors per round: one junior within the 8 board 1st team, and three juniors within the 6 board 2nd team.

Costs: 4NCL team entry fees are distributed across squad members, based upon participation.  In 2021-22, the entry fee was £160 per team for the season.  As there are 8 boards in the 1st team, this means that would mean that a squad member who played in all 11 rounds would be expected to pay a £20 board fee for the season.  (Accommodation, transportation & meals etc are at the players’ expense.)

Feedback: on the above proposal is much appreciated.  I am particularly interested in hearing from those who feel that the mooted 2nd team will significantly improve their opportunity and/or interest in participating in the 4NCL for Anglian Avengers.

One thought on “Anglian Avengers 4NCL 2nd Team: 2022-23 Season
  1. Hi, I am interested in the 4ncl Anglican 2nd team subject to venue and logistics. I am a junior who you said are especially encouraged to play, my rapid ecf 1550 but my Standard is 1330, but I have played many more rapid games, hence it’s a bit more reliable. Although standard time controls are growing on me.

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